Best 5 places to skate in San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known for its famous restaurants, the Golden Gate Bridge and people with some unique talents. Grouped into the unique talents are skateboarders. As home to an underground scene of skateboarders, these amazingly talented people grew up learning to balance on boards and ride on the city’s steep hills. This summer (July) hundreds of skateboards took over San Francisco’s Dolores Street for an amazing “hill bombing” event. Hill bombing is known for skaters racing down a street as fast as they can showing off their skill set. In reality, skaters just want a cool place to chill and do their thing. Luckily, San Francisco has more than one skatepark to shred off some steam.

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Under The Bridge Skatepark

Whether you’re just learning to balance on the board or mastered the 720 Gazelle Flip, this conveniently located park (under a bridge) makes for the perfect refreshing atmosphere. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the overall layout and design keep all types of skaters in mind with little traffic, access to a variety of jumps and tilts and background noise excellent for rolling blades.

SoMa West Skatepark

Centrally located near transit and that famous food San Francisco is known for, this skate park was “designed to reflect iconic San Francisco spots,” writes SF Recs and Parks, “with a special nod to the Embarcadero Plaza.” All ages and skaters from all over the world are welcome to this park that pays homage to classic city spots. There is also a modest, fenced-in dog park near so your furry friends can watch skaters fly through the air.

Balboa Skatepark

Across from City College of San Francisco and situated where San Jose and Ocean Avenues meet, Balboa Skatepark offers different terrains for all skate levels and has been upgraded with new landscaping and resurfaces, as well as new picnic areas, playgrounds and pathways.

SF Skate Club

Every city has some sketchy areas. San Francisco Skate Club was created to provide a positive skateboarding experience for the younger generation. Through the four supervised programs, this skatepark is ideal for beginners, small groups of skaters and anyone looking to learn from the experts. Reviews say that this is truly the best-kept secret in the city!

Potrero del Sol/ La Raza Skatepark

Located at 25th and Utah Street, Potrero del Sol/La Raza Skatepark is the largest in San Francisco with over 16,000 square feet of skating and green space. The skatepark itself is not safe for kids to roam around on. It’s perfect for experienced and expert skaters! The grassy lawns and nearby community garden and playground are ideal for family outings where everyone wants to enjoy a little something different in the city.

Skateboarding parks and spots are scattered throughout San Francisco repurposing the urban appearance. Each park and street include handrails for grinding, steps for leaping and hills for bombing. The soul of skateboarding remains in San Francisco with must-visit skateparks meant for everyone. Magazines from around the world constantly feature images of skateboards on the legendary streets of San Francisco. The city and these top five skate parks are definitely a spot that every skater should visit at least once in their lifetime.