Best 5 skateparks in Brussels, Belgium

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports in Brussels, actually in Belgium in general. It’s no surprising then that the city boasts exceptional skate parks that will bring out the excitement among avid skaters.


Want to experience the skate scene in the city of Brussels? Here are five of the best places to skate in the city:


    1.  Skatepark des Ursulines

      When you want to go skateboarding in the city of Brussels, Skatepark des Ursulines (Ursulines Skate Park) is typically the top name you will hear.

      Located in Marolles, City Center, Brussels, the skate park highlights features that skateboarders looking for thrill can simply find fantastic which include bowls, bars, benches, rails, ramps and trampolines. In fact skateboarding competitions happen at the park from time to time. With various graffiti designs in psychedelic paint colors, Skatepark des Ursulines offer a terrific conventional playground for individuals seeking for action on skate boards.

    2. Skatepark de Bres

      Bres Skate Park in Halle is a popular skate park in Brussels and is sometimes referred to as the Skateboarders paradise in the city. The largest in Flanders, the park which is 80 meters long and 15 meters wide, is made with impressively polished concrete. The park features a pool area, spine, street section with lots of different banks, wallride, ledges, rails, pyramid, open bowl with a hip, and death box. With a wide range of skate courses available for both amateur and advanced skaters, Skatepark de Bres has lived up to be the sanctuary of skaters in the city.

    3. Park Spoor Noord Skatepark

      Here’s a spectacular skatepark made in seamless concrete which is a favorite among skaters in the city. Located in Antwerp, Park Spoor Noord features advanced skate bowl, full pipe, and awesome ramps. Not only is it a favorite among skaters looking for an adrenaline rush and action, the skate park is also well-loved because it is surrounded by greenery with plenty of playgrounds.

    4. Parc à Roller ou Skate - Stade du Crossing

      Located below Lambermont Boulevard in Schaerbeek, Parc à Roller ou Skate showcases smooth concrete with various bumps and level differences any skate boarders will love. Although the park don’t offer much when it comes to ramps which will allow the most daredevil figures or skaters act, still the park offers a blissful place for skateboarders for rolling. There are also plenty of trees around and the overall view is refreshing.

    5. Brussels Xtreme Park

      Not so long after Planet Park in Anderlecht closed on August 2017, it has reopened in the city of Haren and now came with a new name Brussels Xtreme park. The new skate park opened in February 2018 and has undergone extensive developments. Now a fully pledged skate park, Brussels Xtreme Park boasts a large covered area of 2,500 square meters skate complex embellished with bumps and obstacles. It features complete obstacles with some as high as 5 meters, superb ramps and rails and other surefire adrenaline exhilarating amenities every skateboard, rollerblade and BMX enthusiasts will love.