Top artists to follow in 2019

Christiane Spangsberg:

This Copenhagen based artist paints with the tough of being faithful to herself .

We can see the predominance of bodies and faces in her work inspired by french modern artists, practising fauvism style in his paitings.

I believe art is a way of looking into your soul, a way of giving something away that’s a part of you…” C. Spangsberg.


Regynald Sylvester II:

In the balance between abstract and figurative paintings this artist creates his own style with his differentiating colour palette.

As he said, his paintings born naturally and are made in the moment.

He started with streetwear design and now he is one of the most rising top Young artist to follow.


Kensuke Koike:

The art of alter archival images turning them into a whole new artistic piece. Kensuke Koike not only cuts parts of the photos to make a new one, he also build some handcrafted tools to create optical illusions without cut off anything of the images.

He is such a technical and creative artista to keep our eye on:

Pd:check out his youtube cannel to see the artsit in the working process.

Oozy Tattoo:

Possibly one the most relevants tattoo artists right now.

He has experimented a notable growth in the last year and a half, with his minimal and technically perfects works over the people skins.

The details, his cleaning, and the ideas he reflects on the bodies makes of him one of the best tattoo artists nowadays:


Andrea M Kollar:

This austrian artist, illustrator and art director can transmit with a few lines the same of a whole painting.

Focused on the female body, Andrea Kollar draw hands, nudes and faces, and she defines her work as a reduction of the shapes of the female body to a minimun of lines while instensifying sensuality and expression.

Timmy Sneaks:

The LA based artist have one of the most originals Works currently..

He mainly  uses sprays, acrylic and oil making colorful paitings. He also  mix images in a collage way, like one of his Works with the Benajmin Franklin’s face bill, and an angry Donald duck with a bag with the $ sign

He is also a referent in the streetstyle with a unique style. Check him out on his instagram:


Jay West:

From Bape collaboration to sell tees with Asap Ferg, this 23 y.o artist is becoming one of the referents of the new generations.

His work is an acrilic mix  between abstract expressionism and sarcastisc paitings to express himself, inspired by the old masters and others like Rothko